Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Dumb as a STUMP

WTF is it with politicians? How do these so obviously "dumb as dirt" idiots keep getting elected?

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Rob said...

I thought I'd give my answer to your question "why do these dumb politicians keep getting elected?"

Well you've heard of the "bell curve" of intelligence. The centre of the bell curve represents an IQ score of 100. This is the average score.

The population that falls between a score of 90 and 110 is 50%. And 75% of the population has a score of 110 or below.

Now you don't need to try hard to work out how 'dumb' politicians get elected. When you've got 75% of the voting population with an IQ below 110 it's little wonder that many politicians seem dumb. In order to get elected you must appeal to the largest audience and the fact is that the largest audience is not the intellectualy gifted.

It's a fault of the democratic system. When the government must have support of the uneducated masses then you will forever be stuck with 'dumb' politicians.

If you want to be led by intelligent people then devote yourself to the private sector and work for a successful corperation. The private sector values intelligence much more than the opinion of the masses.

At least you can take some solace knowing that your politicians are probably smarter than the large bulk of the population.

Hope this answers your queston.