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McGuinty on the march

Via The Western Standard

Posted by Kevin Steel

It's been quite a week for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. First, the Conservatives sucker him into apologizing for some obscure insult by a low level civil servant in a misdirected email--the "ghetto dude" thing. Then his top campaign adviser Warren Kinsella gets raked over in the media for a lame caption--"I wish I was at home baking cookies"--plastered on a photograph of a young female MPP. And now everyone is blaming him for his citizenship and immigration minister's pre-election heritage daze support. On that last one, here's a piece from Wednesday that mentions yet another group that benefited from Colle's vote buying, the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada. Epoch Times: Fundraiser for Ontario's Colle Links Group That Got 'Slush Fund' Grants. I particularly like this line in the story;

CPAC also works with state and local-level Chinese governments to attract Chinese-Canadians with technical knowledge to return to China to discuss their technology, all expenses paid.

How generous.

How do you feel about the American hostages in Iran?

By Mark Steyn

Via The Western Standard/The New York Sun

Two months in an Iranian jail is no fun. Four years ago, a Montreal photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, was arrested by police in Tehran, taken to Evin prison, and wound up getting questioned to death. Upon her capture, the Canadian government had done as the State Department is apparently doing — kept things discreet, low-key, cards close to the chest, quiet word in the right ears … By the time Zahra Kazemi's son, frustrated by his government's ineffable equanimity, got the story out, it was too late for his mother.

Still, upon hearing of her death, the then Foreign Minister of Canada, Bill Graham, expressed his "sadness" and "regret," which are pretty strong words. But then, as Reuters put it, this sad regrettable incident had "marred previously harmonious relations between Iran and Canada." In his public pronouncements, Mr. Graham tended to give the impression that what he chiefly regretted and was sad about was that one of his compatriots had had the poor taste to get tortured and murdered on to the front pages of the newspapers.

With an apparently straight face, he passed on to reporters the official Iranian line that her death in jail was merely an "accident." The following year, Shahram Azam, a physician who'd examined Ms. Kazemi's body, fled Iran and said that she had broken fingers, a broken nose, a crushed toe, a skull fracture, severe abdominal bruising, and internal damage consistent with various forms of rape. Quite an accident.

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American Muslims, who support suicide bombings 'in defense of Islam'

Londonistan, Our Looking Glass


By Marie Jon'

It is about time we call the rose by its rightful name when discussing the War against Terror. The problem the free world faces is that it is erroneously preoccupied with a belief system that has us fighting other faiths from its own perspective. Radical Islamists do not want to get along with or respect other's choices in religion. It is time to stop pretending. We are fighting religious zealots of the Islamic faith.

Terrorism is not spawned from Christianity or Judaism. There is no upheaval emulating from Baptists, Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals, Mormons, Catholics, Church of Christ, Presbyterians, or Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism. None are calling for a worldwide jihad. Christianity and Judaism are religions of life. They embrace the Lord's Ten Commandments while living their lives in peace and uplifting God Almighty.

A recent Pew Research Institute Poll revealed a shocking find amongst young American Muslims. Pew reported that there is a substantial number of them who could cause chaos in our own country because of their religious beliefs.

"Funny how small 26 percent sounds when it describes, for example, the number of American voters who support the Senate's mass-amnesty, goody-bag bill for illegal aliens. In this case, the one in four people polled by Rasmussen this week who hope the legislation passes comes off as a minority voice, especially when compared to the whopping 72 percent of voters who favor border enforcement and the reduction of illegal immigration.

"But 26 percent looms large when it describes the number of American Muslims, ages 18-29, who support suicide bombings 'in defense of Islam' — one of the sensational, if sensationally underreported, findings of a recent Pew poll. According to Pew, the total Muslim population in America is 2.35 million, 30 percent of whom are between 18 and 29. By my figuring, the suicide-bomb-approving cohort works out to 183,000 people.

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Variability of the sun’s irradiance, Global Warming

Water Experts Find Earth’s Warming, Rainfall Linked to Sun


By Dennis T. Avery, Hudson Institute

A team of water experts says the pattern of droughts and floods in South Africa shows our global warming was triggered by the variability of the sun’s irradiance rather than by human-emitted CO2. They say variations in South African rainfall patterns are keyed to periodic reversals of the sun’s magnetic field—and to the constantly changing distance between the sun and the earth as both move through space.


Made-in-China massive air pollution ignored by global warming gurus Al Gore & Maurice Strong

From Canada Free Press

China exporting pollution
Made-in-China massive air pollution ignored by global warming gurus Al Gore & Maurice Strong

You’ll never hear this from global warming guru Al Gore and Canadian sidekick Maurice Strong: Massive dust plumes from China fouling air breathed in North America, are causing dramatic changes in climate.

China, in the proverbial doghouse for exporting tainted food for humans and pets, is also sending pollution of nightmare proportions through the air that we breathe.

“An outpouring of dust layered with man-made sulfates, smog, industrial fumes, carbon grit and nitrates is crossing the Pacific Ocean on prevailing winds from booming Asian economies in plumes so vast they alter the climate.” (The Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2007).


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Leftist Tactics

I came across this on "Let Freedom Reign", Excellent stuff.

We can pretty much all agree that leftists hate talk radio, yes? They hate it because it does an end run around the 5th column otherwise known as the MSM, yes?

Well, one of the ways the lib-left has of fighting back is to call into talk radio shows and disrupt the productive flow.

I’ve been listening to talk radio now for about 6 years and the lib-left disruptions always seem to follow the same sort of pattern. It usually goes something like this:

1. Leftist tells the screener that they wish to make an “on topic” comment. This is done to ensure that they get into the lineup of callers…
2. Leftist, when on the line, starts off by lying and saying what he/she/it thinks the host wants to hear. This is done to lower the guard of the folks with their finger on the “kill button”.
3. Leftist continues whit his/hers/its lie for a few moments and then jumps into disruption mode.

The objective is to make folks on the right side of reality look as bad as possible.
Here’s an example that took place on July 26, 2007 on the Charles Adler Show. Roy Green was filling in for Charles at the time:

(warning: adult content)

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Good News!

H/T to Small Dead Animals

Caution: this is a long article crammed full of facts; facts which will contradict the ‘stories’ being put about by politicians, journalists and anti-military academics and ‘peace activists.’ It might be dangerous, even subversive because it may cause some readers to actually understand what is happening in Afghanistan. It may shatter some belief systems because the cold, hard facts are at odds with the prevailing 'wisdom' in Canada.

A few days ago The Ruxted Group provided a rather bleak assessment of the likely consequences of a precipitous (early 2009) Canadian withdrawal from combat operations in Afghanistan.

Today we offer a counterpoint: a catalogue of the ‘good news’ items which, we fear, are not sufficiently ‘newsworthy’ and fail to make it on to our TV screens and, therefore, do not ‘inform’ Canadian public opinion. It is a long list but it barely scratches the surface. There is so much aid and development going on that we are persuaded that journalists and NGO workers and officials must be tripping over the projects. Even in deadly dangerous Kandahar where, admittedly, less is being done because the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghans National Police (ANP), supported by Canadian combat troops, have not, yet, managed to bring sufficient security to that province – not sufficient, yet, to satisfy the ‘requirements’ of the NGOs who remain hard at work in the relatively peaceful North.


At the national level the NATO led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) development work has ensured that:

1. Millions of girls are back in school with 400,000 new female students starting school for the first time this year;
2. Over 100,000 women benefited from micro finance loans to set up their own business;
3. Over a quarter of parliamentarians are women;
4. Over 7 million girls and boys are in school or higher education;
5. 83% of the population now has access to medical facilities, compared to 9 percent in 2004;
6. 76% of children under the age of five have been immunized against childhood diseases;
7. More than 4000 medical facilities opened since 2004;
8. Over 600 midwives were trained and deployed in every province of Afghanistan;
9. GDP growth estimates of between12-14% for the current year;
10. Government revenues increased by around 25% from 2005/06 to 2006/07;
11. Income per capita of $355, compared to $180 three years ago;
12. Afghanistan is one of the fastest growing economies in South-East Asia;
13. Over 4000 km of roads have been completed;
14. Work has begun on 20,000 new homes for Afghans returning to Kabul;
15. Over 1 billion square metres (roughly 32 km X 32 km) of mine contaminated land cleared;
16. 10 universities are operating around the country, against one (barely functioning) under the Taliban; and
17. 17,000 communities benefited from development programmes such as wells, schools, hospitals and roads through the Government’s National Solidarity Program (NSP).

Most of those projects have some, often substantial, Canadian components: money, management and personnel. Some, like (13) new roads and (17) new wells and schools, are the work-a-day projects of the Canadian soldiers in the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) who are managing or doing the building and rebuilding using funds provided by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Further, the creation of the sorts of institutions which will make it possible for Afghans, themselves, to address their own political problems in their own ways – but free of dangerous fundamentalist propaganda – is also underway in the form of communications and information technology development which facilitates the free exchange of ideas and information:

18. 10% of Afghans now own a mobile phone, compared to 2 lines per 1000 people in 2001;
19. 150 cities across Afghanistan now have access to mobile phone networks and internet provider services; and
20. 7 national TV stations (6 private); numerous radio networks, plus a diverse and increasingly robust and professional print media are up and running.

That's 20 out of a much longer list of ISAF projects.


There are some important Canadian projects underway too – not all of them in Kandahar. Examples, from long, long lists, include:

Continue reading this article...

I would go out on a limb here and say that we're never going to be hearing Jackama Bin-Layton talking about any of this as it doesn't suit his anti-Canadian socialist mind numbing agenda.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

French Intellectuals?????

This video is so telling of the Europeans, it's hilarious and so sad at the same time. - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Climate Extremism: the Real Threat to Civilization

From the Canadian Free Press comes this nugget. I've been telling everyone I know for the last several years this was all just a big scam, and here it is in print, love it!

The exploitation of climate science for purely political goals is occurring throughout the developed world. For example, politicians inCanada have started to ban inexpensive and convenient technologies such as light bulbs, coal fired electricity generation and used oil heating to “stop climate change.” They can’t show how the alternatives being promoted will actually help the environment – we are expected to simply believe that such sacrifices for the climate will benefit us all, even if real pollution levels rise, food prices increase as agricultural land is converted to biofuels production and millions of birds are cut to pieces by wind turbines. ‘Believe’ is the key word here, not ‘think’.

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Two weeks away

Sorry to have been away for the last couple of weeks but, my father past away on July 8th. I've had a few other things on my mind other than Islamic nutjobs. But I'm back to start exposing them again.

And we're supposed to talk with people like this??

Again, Iran has shown it's true face to the world. This is what sharia law is all about and what islamic radicals have in mind for our western way of life, ... disgustingly medieval.


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The Patton Doctrine

A Time for Choosing

Reagan never sounded so good

Patton on todays war and leaders

This is a great piece of work.

Paging Michael Moore,...

Finally this "Sicko" exposed for what he really is.

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Jihad comes to Canada....on TV

Nothing surprises me anymore, why don`t we just bend over?

From the National Post

VisionTV says it will monitor one of its shows more closely after it broadcast a lecture by an Islamic preacher who said scripture requires Muslims to either fight jihad or finance it.

The multi-faith channel, available in 7.8 million Canadian homes, said it took the precaution following a complaint about last Saturday's broadcast of a lecture by the Pakistani fundamentalist.

In the hour-long talk, Israr Ahmad said, "Jihad in the way of Allah, for the cause of Allah, can be pursued either with your financial resources or your bodily strength when you go to fight the enemy in the battlefield.

"So jihad, the highest form, is fighting in the cause of Allah."

Mr. Ahmad runs a seminary and bookstore in Lahore, Pakistan, and his writings foresee the "global domination of Islam," compare Jews to "parasites," describe the Holocaust as "divine punishment" and predict the "total extermination" of Jews.

His followers in Canada include terror suspect Qayyum Abdul Jamal, who was arrested last summer for his alleged role in a plot to detonate truck bombs in downtown Toronto.

Read the article


This is from the U.S. but I have no doubt that Canadian "Peace" groups are trying or have done the same thing.

When is the left going to pull it's head out of it's ass and start playing on the same team as the rest of us.

Read this without puking...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

British journos finding it hard to let go of their jihadi stereotypes

Via Hot Air

The unexpected profile of the modern terrorist: 26, from a caring family, married, with children, graduate
We expect suicide bombers to be uneducated social outcasts who have been twisted by fanatics. But the reality can be very different
Andrew Norfolk

Two men attempt to commit suicide and mass murder by driving a jeep packed with gas cylinders and petrol into an airport terminal. One is suspected to be a doctor, a man supposed to be committed to saving, not taking, lives. The other, now fighting for his life in a burns unit, is a “pleasant, calm and sociable” aeronautical engineer.

Fast forward a week. By now, a further three doctors and two trainee doctors are under arrest in Britain and Australia on suspicion of involvement in the botched car bomb attacks on London and Glasgow.

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Calling all Canadian Men!!....

How come we never do anything domestically anymore??

Aussie company advertises for 'expert' condom testers

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - A major condom brand said Friday it expects thousands of applicants for a new unpaid job on offer - condom tester.

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Live Aid is promoting green, Racking 1000's of Tons of pollution!!

Britain's Daily Mail has an excellent expose of the true nature and devastation caused by "Live Earth" concerts

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed that far from saving the planet, the extravaganza will generate a huge fuel bill, acres of garbage, thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, and a mileage total equal to the movement of an army.

The most conservative assessment of the flights being taken by its superstars is that they are flying an extraordinary 222,623.63 miles between them to get to the various concerts - nearly nine times the circumference of the world. The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher.

The total carbon footprint of the event, taking into account the artists' and spectators' travel to the concert, and the energy consumption on the day, is likely to be at least 31,500 tonnes of carbon emissions, according to John Buckley of, who specialises in such calculations.

Throw in the television audience and it comes to a staggering 74,500 tonnes. In comparison, the average Briton produces ten tonnes in a year.

The concert will also generate some 1,025 tonnes of waste at the concert stadiums - much of which will go directly into landfill sites.

Read all of the article...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mass grave unearthed in Afghan jail

Via Australia's Herald Sun..

A MASS grave containing hundreds of bodies has been discovered in an underground prison north of the Afghan capital, the BBC has reported.
Police General Ali Shah Paktiwal told the BBC the grave was unearthed in a former military base dating back to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The grisly find was made after an old man who recently returned to Afghanistan led police to the site where victims were apparently walled up in rooms and left to die.

"An old man told us about the grave. He told us he worked as a driver when there was a Russian military base here.


New Zawahiri Video Released

Via The Jawa Report

A banner from al Qaeda's as Sahab video hit the Islamic forums yesterday announcing "a happy event". Speculation on the forums was that the video would show Osama bin Laden, a sentiment echoed in the Pravda piece. To the disappointment of Osama's millions of fans, though, the video is actually of al Qaeda #2 man, Ayman al Zawahiri.

Go to Video

Canada: Radioactive devices disappearing at alarming rate

Over at jihad watch I came across this:
Keystone Mounties Alert: "Radioactive devices disappearing at alarming rate," from News (thanks to HotAir):

Radioactive devices -- some of which have the potential to be used in terrorist attacks -- have gone missing in alarming numbers in Canada over the past five years.

A new database compiled by The Canadian Press shows that the devices, which are used in everything from medical research to measuring oil wells, are becoming a favoured target of thieves.

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Judge cancels Rio Live Earth concert

This is the best news I've heard today.

Hat tip to, via Yahoo news

The Goracles "Live Earth" concert in Rio has been cancelled by a judge

read on .....

Jihad hunt "Open Season"

This is a great tune from "Stuck Mojo"

Sweet Canadian CF-18

Found this on Liveleak from a Canadian user named pooody. Excellent video of a CF 18 at an airshow. To bad we don't have any in Afghanistan to support our troops

The Islamist Mind

From a CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour.

If you think this only happens in British mosques, guess again.

Liberalism Defined

I came across this post at the Pirates cove. While it's about American liberals, we all know that they are all cut from the same (cheesy)cloth.


1. closed-minded: completely intolerant of different views and standards of behavior for those who are not liberal. Will accept behavior that includes smearing feces on themseleves to avoid arrest, and violence against those who do not hold the same views. Extremist Muslims are exempt in all cases.

2. politics progressive politically or socially: favoring immediate reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy to pets, dead people, convicted felons, and non-citizens, distribute money from those who work to those who are incapable of getting a real job, and protect the personal freedom of the collective, except in the case of #1.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Treacherous, Treasonous Traitors !!

After a horrendously sad day in which we lost six brave patriots, once again we have the Ren and Stimpy of Canadian politics spewing their garbage in the MSM again.

Of course I`m venting about Jack (Bin) Layton and Stuphan Dion. Or as we call them in my family DUMB and DUMBER. These 2 sanctimonious sacks of $%!t are everywhere spouting that we've lost, we should retreat and go back to peace keeping and we should engage with the enemy.

Hey Jacko and Stuphan, here's a news flash. Their not interested in talking to us, they would like to see our heads on a stick. There is no peace to keep, these savages don't want peace. Their definition of peace is that it will be peaceful when all the infidels are dead. I'd think that with all your gay rights, feminist loving and atheistic views you'd realize that YOU are going to be the first to die if this death cult ever gets the upper hand.

And I'm very confident that these 2 clowns support the rights of Al-Qaeda in the story below, after all, they have rights.

Want to Contact al-Qaeda?.....

Want to Contact al-Qaeda?.....

This is the official site for al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb (Algeria)

Site here is *the* official site of AQIM

Al-Qaeda paid for and receives domain name registration and whois record privacy services from Tucows Inc. of Canada...

The whois record privacy service is provided by Tucows under the alias of You can email or phone al-Qaeda via that domain and address...

Go to


This will bring you to a contact sheet for al-Qaeda of Algeria....

We note the following:

• al-Qaida of the Islamic Maghreb is an official franchise of global al-Qaida.

• al-Qaida is designated by the United Nations, Canada, the USA and the European Union as a Terrorist Organization.

• is *the* official site of AQIM

• al-Qaida paid for and receives domain name registration and whois record privacy services from Tucows Inc. of Canada.

• The whois record privacy service is provided by Tucows under the alias of You can email al-Qaida via that domain, you can send mail to al-Qaida via the address...
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto ON M6K3M1 CA

...and if you want you may call al-Qaida at +1.4165385457

• Web hosting services and network access are paid for by al-Qaida and provided by in Germany.

Have fun!!!

Big hat tip to Weasel Zippers


Just In: Canada's Terror Attack Risk 'Elevated'

From The Canadian Sentinel,

Story here. h/t:

Read it all, for certain.

Canada faces an elevated risk of a terror strike, with Ottawa and Toronto among six North American cities in particular danger, says a report by a panel of international security experts.

In a global terrorism analysis by Chicago-based Aon Corp., one of the world's largest insurance and risk management firms, Canada is among 22 countries in which the threat rating for terrorism has been heightened for 2007 to an "elevated" status from the previous "guarded" rating.

Read further...

Note to Ottawa residents in particular: Pay close attention now to that Jamaat ul Fuqra compound in nearby Combermere. After all, why would a compound reasonably known, from citizen observation, for automatic gunfire and explosives training activity be there in the first place? What other purpose...?

Bat Ye’or at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, 29 June 07

Please read the entire article.

.....In fact, the European Union was planning and is planning the death of the European nations - this is in the policy of European integration. And in order to replace the European nations by a Mediterranean construct — what I have called Eurabia — because multilateralism/ multiculturalism is limited to Europe since the Arab countries and Turkey moved over to exclusive Muslim societies. After a decade of this policy, you can see that Europe’s policy to protect itself from Jihadic terrorism in the 1970s by expulsing the terrorist Jihad against Israel, has in fact led to its cultural Islamization, to a [ ] of the Arab world and to a negation of its Judeo-Christian identity.

Read the entire address by Bat Ye’or

Radical Muslims undermining Democracy is OK???

From my former homeland, comes this piece of brilliant left wing thinking. Just give them the knife to kill you with already...

The cabinet considers radical Muslims are in principle allowed to use democratic procedures with the aim of undermining democracy. This is not dangerous; democracy is strong enough to withstand such a movement.

Read on, this is a jewel ....

Muslim Violence

Another brilliantly lucid piece by Fjordman

In Denmark, Muslims are attacking the Inuit people, the indigenous people of Greenland, who have been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark for centuries. Whenever Muslims target non-Muslims with violence, this is blamed by the media on past legacy of colonialism, US foreign policy, Israeli aggression etc.


Canadians: Be proud of your war history!

I was very interested in Father R.J. de Souza's comment that the recent commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Vimy Ridge revealed that many educated Canadians remain ignorant not only of that epic battle but also of Canadian military history in general.

From the national Post

Canadian Natives taking a page out of the Hamas/Hezbolah Manual

While this is not news to me, I was involved with OKA and Ipperwash, it seems some other Canadians are finally starting to catch on to the tactics used by natives since at least 1990.

From the National Post comes this nugget.

The Insurgent Temptation

Appease Please!!!!!!!!! WTF

Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis.

“There is clearly a need to strike a consensual tone in relation to all communities across the UK” said Mr Brown’s spokesman

Sure Mr Brown, but no other community is trying rid Great Britain of it's natural inhabitants! said Canadian Infidel

Follow Link to this absurd story

Al Gore full of (Methane producing) $#it

Tim Blair has the latest on the HYPER-hypocritical Goracle.

Added: Goracle's Alarmist global warming claims melt under scientific scrutiny.

This is a great read if your kids being brainwashed by the public school system

Read on mcduff...

All the people were gone. But where? Another story NOT told by the MSM.

On 29 June, American and Iraqi soldiers were again fighting side-by-side as soldiers from Charley Company 1-12 CAV—led by Captain Clayton Combs—and Iraqi soldiers from the 5th IA, closed in on a village on the outskirts of Baqubah. The village had the apparent misfortune of being located near a main road—about 3.5 miles from FOB Warhorse—that al Qaeda liked to bomb. Al Qaeda had taken over the village. As Iraqi and American soldiers moved in, they came under light contact; but the bombs planted in the roads (and maybe in the houses) were the real threat.

The firefight progressed. American missiles were fired. The enemy might have been trying to bait Iraqi and American soldiers into ambush, but it did not work. The village was riddled with bombs, some of them large enough to destroy a tank. One by one, experts destroyed the bombs, leaving small and large craters in the unpaved roads.

The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?

Follow the link below and see what the Mainstream Media is once again not telling you.

6 Canadian Patriots Killed in Afghanistan

In another disgusting display of Islamic barbarity, today at 1130 Afghan time a powerful IED ripped through the RG-31, Nyala, killing all on board. 6 soldiers and their Afghan interpreter.

The attack occurred about 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City as the soldiers were returning to their forward operating base, west of that city, having just conducted a joint OP with the Afghan National Army.

The IED was set in a road heavily used by local villagers, Polish troops and Canadians. This goes to show the ruthless and evil barbarity of the Taliban, when they would plant such a massive IED in a road that their own countryman use so often. It just proves once more the utter lack of any kind of humanity or moral and civil ethos these barbarians exist by.

The RG-31 Nyala is specifically designed to protect it's occupants from mine blasts. The Vehicle is not designed for Massive IED which can consist of numerous land mines stacked on top of each other, or be made up of a number of artillery and mortar shells combined to explode together. Virtually nothing on the market can protect it's occupants from this type of IED.

Of course, taking his queue from the Democrats, Pelosi and Reid, the traitorous Jack (Bin)Layton was quick to input that our mission in Afghanistan was a failure and we should quit fighting and build wells and schools instead (which the Taliban would rapidly blow up again without protection).

More to follow...