Monday, December 24, 2007

Politician of the Year - Dutch edition

In a poll conducted by the NOS, (Public Broadcaster) in the Netherlands, Rita Verdonk. Nicknamed the Iron Rita for her uncompromising immigration policies earning when she was minister for Immigration and Integration, 2003 - Feb 2007, is the peoples choice for Politician of the Year.

She was expelled from the parliamentary faction of the VVD on September 13, 2007, but remained extremely popular with the citizenry. A month later, she cancelled her membership, after a reconciliation attempt failed, and the VVD party board tried to initiate a procedure of exclusion. She left the VVD and in October 2007 she announced the creation of a political movement, Proud of the Netherlands (Dutch: Trots op Nederland)

PVV leader Geert Wilders came in at 2nd place. This does not sit well at all with Liberal members of parliament and lefties in general. The Volkskrant (Liberal paper) has renounced the poll and refused to recognize the result. This might bode well for the right in the next election in the Netherlands. More and more citizens are beginning to realize that they are being sold out by the left, in favour of the EU and islamists.

There may just be a glimmer of hope left for old Europe.


Yankee Doodle said...

Well, I hope some leaders with a clue get elected over there. Omaha Beach sucked, and I would hate for us to have to do it again. You Canadians had your hands full over at your beach, too.

As I recall, you guys tied up the Germans, drawing them away from the American beaches, then we carpet-bombed the 116th Panzer, and Lightning Joe ran over the moonscape that had been their positions. The Americans got the credit for a hell of a breakout, but the Brits and Canadians sure paid a price for it.

Yeah, let's hope some good leaders get elected before it comes to that again.

Cheers, Buddy!

Canadian Infidel said...

Thanks Yankee Doodle. Your right, for a small country we sure paid a price and, kicked some major ass at the same time.

I'm reservedly optimistic that the Dutch will wake up in light of this controversy, but you never know.

Geert is gaining in popularity among Dutch citizens, but the government is doing their best to demonize and distance themselves from him instead of supporting him.

What else is new in a left-wing ultra liberal society. They would sooner eat their own than do something about the muslim problem currently plaguing the country.