Monday, December 24, 2007

Wilders: Cabinet is intimidating me!!

The leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders accuses the government of "pure political harassment." In an interview in the Volkskrant Monday he says that the government is exercising "intolerable pressure" on him to refrain from making his film about the Koran.

Wilders still intends to release the film in late January. The movie will cause a commotion. It is not my intention to cause riots, but some delicate souls are quickly offended," says the PVV leader. "The most important thing is that it opens people's eyes to the wretched things contained in the Koran, unlike the Bible or the Torah, that are still being practised. And it would be good if Muslims learned a little self control.


According to Wilders, the justice department is intentionally going to delay a decision until next month ,on what is to be done with the dozens of complaints that have been lodged against him after his article appeared in the Volkskrant in August. In which he called for a ban on the Koran. "This postponement is intended to put me under extra pressure to refrain from the planned broadcast of the Koran film . The government sends the Ministry of Justice after me. Unbelievable." Says Wilders.

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