Sunday, April 6, 2008

Canadian Limericks


There was a Canadian, named Dean
who preferred to be secret, not seen
to all comers he'd preach
"No such thing as free speech"
"That's American. God Save the Queen!"

A man was struck dumb by cartoons
which his old sacred cow did lampoon
he said "D**n Thomas Nast
I'll put a stop to this fast"
and he called on CHRC's goons

There once was a censor named Rich
to the government on folks he'd snitch
and the Feds paid him well
until his personal hell
started when Ezra said "you're mine, b**ch"

Then to Shirlene our man Ezra went
and he's quite an articulate gent
"You're opinion's your own"
Shirlene said, with a frown
"but our conviction's 100 per cent."

Rich, you're standing Marc up on your dates
you abandoned his case to its fate
put your hand on the Bible
show your face while you libel
(but don't sue me, I'm just from the States!)


Old Jed said...

I'm glad you liked my limerick.
Would you care to post a link?
Old Jed

Canadian Infidel said...

Link is already there Jed

Old Jed said...

my apologies
I clicked on the one above it
dopey me
nice blog u have here
I'm much like you, a former Lib
but logic won out over lib "wishful thinking"