Sunday, April 6, 2008

Obama, The blind leading the dumb

I'd never heard of Doug Gilles before I read his articles on Proud To Be Canadian. This guy has insight and cuts to the quick nicely. Have a look at his view of Obama and then analyze the hypocrisy of the saviour from Illinois.

Does anyone believe the tripe spewed forth by Obama anymore? Would anyone believe a politician who attended the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, (the Aryan Nations Church) and had not noticed that they were preaching racist vitriol for the past 20 years? Not likely!! Isn't David Duke associated with the KKK?

There is such a thing as guilt by association, even in legal terms, you don't need to participate in a murder to be convicted of complicity. The unconscionable denial by Obama and his sheeple followers of any vestige of reality and unmitigated blindness and hypocrisy is mind boggling. Are leftists really that ignorant or are they really that wrapped up in the panacea of leftists socialism that they just won't see what is in front of them?

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