Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holland, FITNA & Islamic Intimidation

H/T The New Media

"The film equates Islam with violence. We reject that interpretation,"
– The Netherlands Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende

The Dutch Prime Minister also rejects free speech in his condemnation, which is not surprising; the Netherlands may be the first European country to allow Shari’a law to compete with national courts. They may not have a choice. While the Dutch see themselves as eminently civilized and able to negotiate and appease conflict away, Muslim immigrant populations skyrocket. They dither while their country is stolen from under them.

Last October a Muslim radical attacked and seriously wounded two police officers with a knife in the city of Amsterdam. One officer was able to get off a shot, which killed the attacker. That officer nearly died. The event touched off days of riots and car burnings. Moroccan residents ironically claimed they were upset at being “stigmatized” as violent. The attacker, a member of a radical group with a long criminal record shouted “Allah Akbar” as he attacked. The fact that he was shot by a female officer did not help matters. The Dutch press avoided any mention of Islamic radicalism. The government-spun tales of disadvantaged youth, mental illness and economic inequities to distract the citizenry and like the French, deftly side stepped the problem.

Islam has been eating away at the Netherlands for many decades. Its sway is far out of proportion to its population. It demands special treatment and gets it. The government fears them, they know it, and exploit that fear at every turn. Dutchmen who speak out against Muslim violence toward women, such as Theo Van Gogh, are murdered in the street.

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