Sunday, August 12, 2007

Canada not enforcing its own terror laws, DOH.

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Hezbollah is recognized as a terror organization by Canada, and is strictly prohibited. Well, maybe not to strictly...

Because in Windsor Ontario it is marketed as a peaceful group, you know, just helping little old ladies across the street and such, unless their non-muslim, then they JUST BLOW YOU UP!!!!!!!

Members of the Jewish and Lebanese Christian communities in Windsor are outraged by the appearance of a billboard that appears to promote Hezbollah — an organization the Canadian government considers terrorist.

“That organization is banned in Canada,” said Harvey Kessler, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre. “How can that billboard be up in Windsor when it represents a terrorist organization which is banned under the laws of Canada?”

Located at the southwest corner of Marion Avenue and Wyandotte Street East, the billboard does not mention Hezbollah by name, but features a central image of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the controversial political and military group that represents Lebanese Shia Muslims and has clashed with Israeli troops for more than 20 years.

Kessler said he feels Nasrallah represents “the opposite of peace.”

“It should be offensive to all people living in Windsor. It should be offensive not only to the Jewish community, but to any Canadian.”

Emile Nabbout, president of the Windsor branch of the Lebanese Christian political group Kataeb, said he also thinks Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, and he feels the billboard creates a misconception of the views of Windsor’s Lebanese community. “We really are not in support or in favour of that billboard and it should be removed ASAP,” Nabbout said.

Printed in English on the left side of the billboard are the words: “Lebanese and Arab communities in Windsor city congratulate the Lebanese people for their steadfastness and endeavor to establish peace in Lebanon.”

But Nabbout said that Arabic writing which appears on the right side of the billboard does not match the English translation. According to Nabbout, the Arabic writing makes a reference to fighting.

“What they mean by ‘fight’ is basically ‘guerrilla’ — using arms and weapons,” Nabbout said. “Basically, there is a very specific word... That is a definite difference between the Arabic and the English.”

Contact the mayor Eddie Francis(NDP'er) and demand that this terrorist promoting crap be removed ASAP.

Mayor's Office
350 City Hall Square West
P.O. Box 1607
Windsor, Ontario

Tel. (519) 255-6315
Fax. (519) 255-7796

UPDATE: The billboard was taken down Monday Aug 13th, reason given, it was only supposed to be up for the weekend. Just testing the waters I guess.

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