Friday, August 24, 2007

Veteran goes after anti-troop politicians

H/T Canada Free Press

Bill Tramble, a veteran and a member of the Royal Canadian Legion wants politicians banned from legion halls and other military ceremonies unless and until they change their minds, an idea that is not likely to get off the ground. Tammy Wheeler, the secretary of the Alberta Northwest Territories Royal Canadian Legion was quoted as saying that their members don’t get involved in politics and will not be supporting Tramble’s plan. It’s nice that so many sacrificed their lives for the freedom not to get involved in politics.

There is nothing more hypocritical than attendance at November 11 ceremonies by these anti-war political types who throw on a poppy and pretend that they care. They march up to the cenotaph looking all somber when the reality is that they have no use for the troops. All these troops are doing is participating in George Bush’s war. Those that are being honored for giving up so much are really no different than the men and women who are currently serving in the Canadian forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Yet while the politicians cry tears over those who paid the ultimate price in previous wars, they find honouring our current troops by putting a decal on a vehicle way too onerous.

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