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Political Correctness (PC) is a Socialist Scheme

The Canadian Sentinel

The Coming War Against Political Correctness
I just came across this piece and it got the old grey matter firing on all cylinders, so here's my latest post... my thoughts, direct to you, via the miracle of the blogosphere... just years ago, how on earth could I have done this? If anything's "progressive", I'd say it's technology, not social extremism!

Let's put an end to that cursed "progressive" Political Correctness fascism for once and for all in the military. This hardcore-leftist bullshit has absolutely no place whatsoever in our national defence and national security institutions, as it only weakens our countries, making us more of a bunch of paralyzed sitting ducks to be popped off by our enemies (and make no mistakes, we who know and understand the reality of the world know that we have enemies jealous of our success and great societies who wish to decimate, attack, defeat, occupy, convert, enslave and slaughter our populations).

Let's not limit our actions to eradicating that scourge of Political Correctness from our military and national security institutions only. Let's get rid of all Political Correctness altogether and return to the constitution-reigns-supreme democratic societies, based on JudeoChristian values (yes, it's true!) and once again be who we are without "progressive" fascist interference!

In fact, for our own domestic societies' sakes, we must discuss strategy, develop a blueprint and then declare and relentlessly wage and win a quiet war on that fascist, rights-robbing, constitution-ignoring menace of Political Correctness. Why? They are doing it to us, and are succeeding. They are taking away our constitutions, rewriting them, forcing their special preferences and ideologies upon everyone. They oppress and tyrannize us. They naturally will deny it (whether they know I'm right or whether they believe I'm wrong since they haven't been told by the MSM or their leadership that it's the truth) and try to fight back (and they will, and are quite formidable, powerful, well-funded and -organized opponents). But from now on we must hold our ground to take back our societies and our constitutions which guarantee in black and white our original, inalienable, eternal rights and freedoms.

Let me start the chariot rolling with a couple of points, which the Progressive Liberal Leftist Revolutionaries (PLLR) cannot possibly disprove:

There is, in reality, no such thing as "separation of church and state".

That concept is a complete left-wing fabrication repeated so much that even judges automatically believe it. In fact, David Kupelian, in his book, "The Marketing of Evil", which I'm reading now, proves it by going all the way back to the very naissance of the First Amendment, citing precise statements made by the Founding Fathers proving the real meaning of the wording of the "Establishment Clause", which has been massively distorted, turned upside down, reversed by ultra far leftwing PLLR militants. The Establishment Clause actually merely forbids Congress from making a law that would establish a national religion, period. The Clause prevents the state from interfering in the affairs of churches by creating a competing national religion, period! In fact, the very phrase, "separation of church and state" is not found anywhere in historical documents and is a complete fabrication, a Big Lie.

In fact, prior to the Constitution/Bill of Rights being signed by the states, thirteen States actually had a State religion and refused to sign the Constitution unless their freedom to worship however they see fit was protected from any and all interference, including by the national government. This, along with the historical documentation and true origin of the Establishment Clause, proves the original intent thereof. So when people tell us about "separation of church and state", tell them that there's no such thing, except coming from far-left subversives and in the minds of people who believe this Big Lie.

And, don't forget, the States cannot deviate from the national Constitution, either. Anyone who asserts otherwise is an accessory to the felonious, treasonous crime of Political Correctness.

It's also a Big Lie that our constitutions are "living documents".

They cannot be changed nor reinterpreted in any way, shape nor form. They are to be followed precisely unless amended precisely as they themselves indicate (and it's extremely hard to do this, like it would be to make an amendment to make it possible to allow the foreign-born Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for President... but don't be surprised if some PLLR "judge" deems that Arnie can indeed run, that the Constitution actually says he can!).

Any judge or other state apparatchik who deems something that doesn't adhere to our constitutions or which literally reinterprets them is a criminal guilty of high treason! As a matter of fact, constitutions were written to be understood by average people, not to be "reinterpreted" by self-deified "judges" hellbent on transforming society according to their ideologies. And this applies to the American, Canadian and all constitutions and rights documents.

The Left started this war.

It's ours to win, if we want to preserve our constitutions, our freedoms, democracies and rule of law.

After all, the Left is taking our enemies' sides AGAINST US. They brazenly, openly, treasonously favour our enemies!

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