Friday, September 7, 2007

U.S. intel: New Osama tape is authentic and recently produced; Update: Transcript — Osama slams Dems for failing to end war, laments Global Warming

H/T Hot Air

A signal to attack?

U.S. authorities now say they have a transcript which they say is aimed at potential suicide bombers who he urges to carry out missions against the West.

Richard Clarke says he thinks the beard looks fake. The possibility of Osama shaving his beard to disguise himself was floated after 9/11; the FBI or CIA even produced an artist’s rendering of what he might look like without one but naturally I can’t find it anywhere online. Clarke thinks shaving would actually be counterproductive in the Pakistani tribal areas since it would make him stand out, not blend in, raising the slender possibility that he’s decamped to some other region.

Compare for yourself. The area at the corners of his mouth where the mustache meets the beard does seem oddly thinner now than it was in 2004.

Update: Many thanks to the reader who dug this up somewhere and sent it in. This is the one I’m thinking of.

Personally I like this
comparison better.

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