Thursday, September 6, 2007

Video: “Undercover in Little Morocco”

H/T Hot Air

As I've said for years, muslims are taking control of Europe and the Europeans are letting them, hamstringing themselves with political correctness. This video confirms that parts of European cities are lost to the middle ages and the deathcult called islam.

They (muslims) now own parts of many European cities and rule them with "sharia Law", just like back home. Check out the man’s actions at about 2:35 in. He thinks he owns the streets of Brussels, and he probably does.

Can we in North America be that far behind, our muslim population has the same heritage, background of the European muslims. We are capitulating to muslim demands at an increasing pace, to appease the unrelenting religion of perpetual whining. God help us all.

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Nickleus said...

wake up europe!