Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Religion of Pieces plotting 'massive terror attacks'

H/T The Herald Sun

The religion of peace is at it again(still). This time again in Germany

GERMANY said today it had foiled a "massive" attack with the arrest of three Islamic extremists who were targeting airports, as well as bars and discotheques used by Americans.

"They were planning massive attacks," Federal Prosecutor Monika Harms said.

"As possible targets ... the suspects named discotheques and pubs and airports frequented by Americans with a view to detonating explosives loaded in cars and killing or injuring many people," Mr Harms said.

The men, two Germans and a Turk aged 22, 28 and 29, had amassed vast amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the same chemical used by suicide bombers in the 2005 attacks on London's transport system which killed 56 people, Mr Harms said.

The chemicals had been stockpiled in a town in the Black Forest.

Arrested yesterday, the men allegedly belonged to an organisation with ties to al-Qaeda called Islamic Jihad Union, which German authorities have suspected for several months of planning attacks.

One of the three suspects was arrested for spying on a US military base in December but was released soon afterwards, federal police chief Joerg Ziercke said.

All three of the men had attended a training camp in Pakistan in 2006.

Not in Pakistan, our ally in the war on terror! LOL

There was no confirmation of media reports that the men had been specifically targeting Frankfurt airport and the giant US military base in Ramstein.

The mayor of Medebach-Oberschledorn, the town where the suspects were arrested, said one of them had been shot by police, although this was not confirmed by prosecutors.

"I was told that one of the suspects was shot but I do not know how badly he was injured," Mayor Heinrich Nolte said.

The arrests come after police in Denmark said yesterday they had foiled a terrorist attack after arresting eight men they said had links to al-Qaeda.

Germany, which has about 3000 soldiers serving in Afghanistan, has been on high alert for several months.

But they`re up north and aren`t allowed to play with the real soldiers or allowed outside (the compound) after dark.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said in May that Islamist groups represented the "biggest threat to the stability and security of Germany".

The US embassy in Germany said in April it was increasing security at US facilities in the country in response to "a heightened threat situation".

US counter-terrorism officials said subsequently that authorities had intelligence suggesting Islamic extremists were planning to attack US targets in Germany with bombs and small arms.

Rolf Tophoven, a leading expert on terrorism in Germany, told NTV television that the arrests showed "that the threat to Germany is not abstract and the country has been in the firing line of terrorists for some time".

He added that he believed the arrests yesterday were the result of co-operation between German and US authorities.

German federal prosecutors in June charged a suspected mastermind behind a failed plot to bomb two passenger trains using bombs packed in suitcases last year which failed to explode because of faulty detonators.

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