Sunday, February 3, 2008

Asian Police Constables "blocking crackdown on honour killing"

H/T DailyMail/UK

I've believed for a long time, that having members of "The Religion of Peace" employed in positions of responsibility could be a bad mistake. Aside from the obvious things like the disappearing Social Insurance cards and blank passports that have gone missing, having the enemy employed in authority positions in Government could be a fatalistic endeavour, and apparently this is turning out to be true after all. Read the entire article, it'll make your stomach turn.

Some Asians(muslims) in the police and in Government jobs have been accused of blocking the crackdown against so-called honour killings.

It is alleged they are not only failing to help desperate women trying to flee abuse and arranged marriages but are actively encouraging punishment for those they believe are breaking traditional taboos.

Terrified victims who seek official help are even being tracked down by a network of Asian men working in Government departments and social services, according to a study written by the think-tank Social Cohesion.

One woman was found by her family after she signed on at a Jobcentre where a member of the Asian community was working.


Whole communities are involved in assisting and covering up "honour violence" in Britain, a new study says.

Informal networks of taxi drivers, councillors and sometimes even police officers track down and return women who try to escape, researchers claim.

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ERS said...

Unfortunately, nothing much surprises me about dishonor killings any more. Nonetheless, I find this dismaying.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"