Friday, February 1, 2008

The Lost Art of War

Hollywood’s anti-American war films don’t measure up to the glories of its patriotic era.

Andrew Klavan writes a very articulated article about the demise of patriotic movies. Read the article in it's entirety as it's a fascinating read about the mind of the cultural left.

Liberals often argue that in criticizing American actions and culture, artists are actually defending American principles by holding the nation to its own standards. That argument would make sense in an atmosphere of contending visions that showed both America’s greatness and its imperfections. But when the arts purvey only a consistently anti-patriotic and anti-military message, it seems clear that they have in fact detached the ethos from the country that embodies it. In doing so, American artists are adopting European-style cosmopolitanism, which leaves them virtually incapable of depicting warriors as heroes. “International society has ideas to defend—ideas of universal justice—but little actual ground,” the political thinker Robert Kaplan wrote recently. “And without ground to defend, it has little need of heroes.”

read in it's entirety:
The Lost Art of War

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