Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life's a gas(explosion) apparently!

Gasexplosie in Lyon: 1 dead and 36 injured

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By: Peter van der Ploeg / Novum
Published: 19:11 today(GMT)
Update: 20:48 today(GMT)

A gas explosion Thursday in the centre of the French city of Lyon have left one person dead and 36 injured. This is what the local authorities said.

The explosion was caused by road repairs in the Cours Lafayette; A repair crew accidentally hit a gas pipeline. The fire department was working to evacuate a nearby building when the building burst into flames as a result of the explosion. One of the firefighters in the building was killed. Among the wounded are five officers and fourteen firefighters. Of the injured, two are in critical condition. Minister of Internal Affairs Michèle Alliot-Marie went to the site of the accident and spoke with the wounded.

Alliot-Marie told the French newspaper Le Monde that gas had accumulated in a parking garage. She said it also regretted that not all security measures were taken. The minister wants to see how the security of the pipelines can be improved. Especially because in October 2007 in Seine-Saint-Denis there was similar accident.

Meanwhile in Chicago

Explosion injures six and wrecks stores in Illinois

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