Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Danish Cartoonist of Muhammad Fame Now Homeless

H/T Spiegel Online

Two years ago Kurt Westergaard was in his Copenhagen home drawing pictures. One of them was of the Muslim prophet, Muhammad. Now Westergaard is homeless.

Draw a picture offencive to Muslim extremists, and you might find yourself without a roof. Ask Kurt Westergaard, one of the twelve Danish cartoonists whose autumn 2005 Muhammad caricatures lead to violent protests throughout the Muslim world. He was booted from his police-protected hotel room on Feb. 15 for being "too much of a security risk." And now the 73-year-old cartoonist and his wife are without a place to live.

Westergaard was forced to leave his actual residence in November after the Danish security and intelligence agency, PET, informed him of a "concrete" plan to murder him, according to the paper that originally published the cartoons, Jyllands-Posten. Westergaard and his wife have been living under police protection since.


This is yet another tactic of islamists, namely the threats. By threatening anyone who speaks out, they are creating a situation that eventually becomes unbearable to those around the victim and to the state who has to protect them(security is very expensive) from radical islam. Hirshi Ali is a perfect example in that she is with out a permanent home and virtually bankrupt as governments have withdrawn their security from her, essentially leaving her open to muslim attack.

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