Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Treacherous, Treasonous Traitors !!

After a horrendously sad day in which we lost six brave patriots, once again we have the Ren and Stimpy of Canadian politics spewing their garbage in the MSM again.

Of course I`m venting about Jack (Bin) Layton and Stuphan Dion. Or as we call them in my family DUMB and DUMBER. These 2 sanctimonious sacks of $%!t are everywhere spouting that we've lost, we should retreat and go back to peace keeping and we should engage with the enemy.

Hey Jacko and Stuphan, here's a news flash. Their not interested in talking to us, they would like to see our heads on a stick. There is no peace to keep, these savages don't want peace. Their definition of peace is that it will be peaceful when all the infidels are dead. I'd think that with all your gay rights, feminist loving and atheistic views you'd realize that YOU are going to be the first to die if this death cult ever gets the upper hand.

And I'm very confident that these 2 clowns support the rights of Al-Qaeda in the story below, after all, they have rights.

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