Sunday, July 29, 2007

McGuinty on the march

Via The Western Standard

Posted by Kevin Steel

It's been quite a week for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. First, the Conservatives sucker him into apologizing for some obscure insult by a low level civil servant in a misdirected email--the "ghetto dude" thing. Then his top campaign adviser Warren Kinsella gets raked over in the media for a lame caption--"I wish I was at home baking cookies"--plastered on a photograph of a young female MPP. And now everyone is blaming him for his citizenship and immigration minister's pre-election heritage daze support. On that last one, here's a piece from Wednesday that mentions yet another group that benefited from Colle's vote buying, the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada. Epoch Times: Fundraiser for Ontario's Colle Links Group That Got 'Slush Fund' Grants. I particularly like this line in the story;

CPAC also works with state and local-level Chinese governments to attract Chinese-Canadians with technical knowledge to return to China to discuss their technology, all expenses paid.

How generous.

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