Friday, July 27, 2007

Leftist Tactics

I came across this on "Let Freedom Reign", Excellent stuff.

We can pretty much all agree that leftists hate talk radio, yes? They hate it because it does an end run around the 5th column otherwise known as the MSM, yes?

Well, one of the ways the lib-left has of fighting back is to call into talk radio shows and disrupt the productive flow.

I’ve been listening to talk radio now for about 6 years and the lib-left disruptions always seem to follow the same sort of pattern. It usually goes something like this:

1. Leftist tells the screener that they wish to make an “on topic” comment. This is done to ensure that they get into the lineup of callers…
2. Leftist, when on the line, starts off by lying and saying what he/she/it thinks the host wants to hear. This is done to lower the guard of the folks with their finger on the “kill button”.
3. Leftist continues whit his/hers/its lie for a few moments and then jumps into disruption mode.

The objective is to make folks on the right side of reality look as bad as possible.
Here’s an example that took place on July 26, 2007 on the Charles Adler Show. Roy Green was filling in for Charles at the time:

(warning: adult content)

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