Thursday, July 5, 2007

Liberalism Defined

I came across this post at the Pirates cove. While it's about American liberals, we all know that they are all cut from the same (cheesy)cloth.


1. closed-minded: completely intolerant of different views and standards of behavior for those who are not liberal. Will accept behavior that includes smearing feces on themseleves to avoid arrest, and violence against those who do not hold the same views. Extremist Muslims are exempt in all cases.

2. politics progressive politically or socially: favoring immediate reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy to pets, dead people, convicted felons, and non-citizens, distribute money from those who work to those who are incapable of getting a real job, and protect the personal freedom of the collective, except in the case of #1.

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Otter said...

There should be a couple more numbers to that definition.

This would be #3:

Liberals cannot make 'progress' without punishing whites, especially Christian whites.

Eh. I can do better but not awake yet. Suffice it to say that there can be No 'progress' unless a great number of innocent people are suffering to make up for the sins of the past.

Canadian Infidel said...

While your probably right in the analysis, I for one don't feel that our past has any sins. Our ancestors did what they did because it seemed appropriate at that time. Trying to re-write history by todays standards, to me anyway, seems idiotic and leftist.

Otter said...

Well, CS, yes and no on 'past sins' being the way things were. Remember that those who owned slaves believed the Bible justified it, just as much as the Abolitionists believed the Bible said otherwise (and whom I agree with, of course!). Maybe 'sins' is not the right word, but 'Stupidity.' 100 years from now people will be talking about the stupidity of the Left in allowing the Jihadists to get however far they will eventually get. Let's just hope they aren't all talking in arabic and cheering the idiocy of the Left.

Canadian Infidel said...

Your right of course Otter. I didn't mean to imply that some of what happened was was justifiable or even just. But, that was then and this is now. Times are different, for better or worse, and are what they are. Because of that, I feel no guilt about the past.