Wednesday, July 4, 2007

6 Canadian Patriots Killed in Afghanistan

In another disgusting display of Islamic barbarity, today at 1130 Afghan time a powerful IED ripped through the RG-31, Nyala, killing all on board. 6 soldiers and their Afghan interpreter.

The attack occurred about 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City as the soldiers were returning to their forward operating base, west of that city, having just conducted a joint OP with the Afghan National Army.

The IED was set in a road heavily used by local villagers, Polish troops and Canadians. This goes to show the ruthless and evil barbarity of the Taliban, when they would plant such a massive IED in a road that their own countryman use so often. It just proves once more the utter lack of any kind of humanity or moral and civil ethos these barbarians exist by.

The RG-31 Nyala is specifically designed to protect it's occupants from mine blasts. The Vehicle is not designed for Massive IED which can consist of numerous land mines stacked on top of each other, or be made up of a number of artillery and mortar shells combined to explode together. Virtually nothing on the market can protect it's occupants from this type of IED.

Of course, taking his queue from the Democrats, Pelosi and Reid, the traitorous Jack (Bin)Layton was quick to input that our mission in Afghanistan was a failure and we should quit fighting and build wells and schools instead (which the Taliban would rapidly blow up again without protection).

More to follow...

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