Thursday, March 6, 2008

Amsterdam: The Burka Coverup

H/T Islam in Europe

Dutch youth channel 101TV recently published a documentary in which an actress in a burka was sent out to the streets to test how Amsterdam residents would react to her. Walking in the street she dropped a bag of oranges. In her normal, Dutch clothing she was helped by many people, but while wearing a burka nobody stopped to help(or so they would have you believe).

In the documentary the actress said that nobody helped her, but AT5, (who had arrived at the same location for a different story of their own) filmed the takes, and shows that what 101TV filmed was something completely different. People who passed by the burka clad actress were told by the director on film to continue walking as there was filming going on. When people started helping her collect the oranges, they were told to stop, by the 101TV crew.

Discrimination was hard to find, so 101TV just made it up.

The AT5 report can be seen here. The filming of the burka story starts at around 1 minute into the clip.

Be patient, the AT5 server is taking a pounding trying to serve up the clip.

UPDATE: Video stream has been fixed and works well.

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