Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wilders declines offer from muslim broadcaster (NMO)

H/T De Telegraaf

HILVERSUM - Geert Wilders has rejected a possible offer from the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting (NMO) to broadcast his anti-Koran film Fitna. "No way, NMO" said the Lower Chamber member in response on Sunday.

The broadcaster would consider airing the film with certain conditions. But on one of those conditions - that the broadcaster could see Fitna in advance to make sure that it contains no legally libel content - Wilders rejected it out of hand. "I'll show it to no one beforehand."

The politician is still hoping to get it "on the Internet quickly." The website that Wilders wanted his film to be broadcast on was recently taken off line.

The NMO had not yet officially approached Wilders. They first wanted an internal and external discussion of the plan. The other condition for any broadcast was that after the broadcast, Wilders would continue the debate with supporters and opponents.

The NMO has allowed islam critics in the past. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh have appeared on the broadcaster. Wilders has also previously been invited, but was not interested, said Abdelmajid Khairoun chairman of the Dutch Muslim Council, the owners of the NMO.

According Khairoun was the consideration of the NMO is a sign that Muslims "in this difficult time" are ready for reconciliation and dialogue. He thinks that the taboo surrounding the film must be broken. "Broadcast by the NMO is a way for our audience to get used to the film ."

Sounds on the surface to be reasonable. But knowing muslims I think this is a carefully laid trap to bamboozle Wilders in the so-called "Debate" after the movie. Also the conditions do not meet with Wilders approval, namely that the muslim broadcaster gets to screen the movie first to see if there is anything they can scream about to the various human rights and legal groups. It just seems like a giant ruse.

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great label :) The arrogance of the jihadis really pisses me off. I will not submit.