Thursday, March 6, 2008

No-one wants to broadcast Wilders' film

As has become typical in modern Europe, the dutch media are cowering out of fear of violent reprisals from the "Religion of Peace". No TV network, government or independent, has the nerve to broadcast Geert Wilders 15 min film about the Quran. The Liberal cowards are trembling, at the thought of someone showing what islam is really like to the general public, and are doing whatever they can to stymie the movie. Two anti-Fitna(Wilders) movies have already been broadcast while no one has even seen a single frame of Fitna or even really knows what it contains. Talk about putting the horse before the cart! But then again, Islamic paranoia knows no bounds when it involves criticism of their violent death cult.


Thursday 06 March 2008

No Dutch public or commercial television station is willing to broadcast MP Geert Wilder’s anti-Koran film, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday.

The paper says Wilders insists the entire 10 to 15-minute feature be screened, a condition no broadcaster is willing to meet.

‘We would not do that with a film produced by the Christian Democrats or the Liberals and also not for [Geert Wilder’s party] PVV,’ Herman van Gelderen, head of NRCV programme Netwerk said. ‘We are also extremely cautious about encouraging hatred and discrimination.’

Nova editor Carel Kuyl told the paper that Wilders was willing to allow a preview of his film on the condition programme chiefs agreed to broadcast it anyway. That is ‘bizarre’, Kuyl was quoted as saying.

Wilders will now launch his film, titled Fitna, on the internet later this month.
The Volkskrant reports that the press centre in The Hague, Nieuwspoort, has agreed to the presentation of Wilders' film on March 28, pending security arrangements.

Meanwhile, the AD reports that the Dutch anti-terrorism coordinator has raised the terror alarm level from ‘limited’ to ‘substantial’. Both Wilders’ film and the extension of the Dutch military mission in Afghanistan influenced the decision, the paper says.

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