Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wilders: Qur'an film will be out before April 1st

H/T Jihad Watch

I guess it really does it exist. And yes, I would still be glad to post it here at Jihad Watch.

"Wilders Sticks to Film Release before April," from NIS News (thanks to Fjordman):

THE HAGUE, 26/03/08 - MP Geert Wilders says he is continuing to try to release his anti-Koran film before 1 April. How he will do so is unclear, as the Internet provider that was to have broadcast the film has pulled out.

Wilders is refusing to say what possibilities he still has up his sleeve now that his website has been taken off the air by the large American provider Network Solutions. It is not possible to broadcast the film via a small provider because the site would then immediately crash as a result of the large number of visitors expected at the moment of its release.

Nonetheless, Wilders said yesterday he was continuing to try to broadcast the film before March ends. He repeated for the umpteenth time that the film entitled Fitna is not an April Fool's Day joke. [...]

Meanwhile, attempts to censor it pre-emptively continue:

The Netherlands Islamic Federation (NIF) is applying this Friday for a preventative ban on the film. NIF is asking the district court in The Hague to have an independent expert see the film and to judge whether it is blasphemous. In that case, it cannot be shown, according to the Muslim group. No preventative ban on any product whatsoever has ever been imposed in the Netherlands.

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