Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glenn Beck of CNN-Headline News offers to air Fitna

H/T Klein Verzet

Glad to see that at least someone in the U.S. has the cojones to be willing to air a short movie(15 Min) that "MAY OR MAY NOT" be taken as offensive. But then, as anyone who has followed the religion of perpetual outrage, knows that our mere existence is apparently just to much to bear for some muslims.

Glenn Beck of CNN offers to air Fitna:

Brad Thor discusses Geert Wilders film, "Fitna" and Network Solutions suspension of his web site on Glenn Beck's CNN Headline News program

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john said...

Is this really any surprise. Its just a matter of time b4 Oscar Myer stop using pork in their baloney and hot dogs because muslims find eating pork offensive hell y stop there jello is made from pork products also so no more jello for you ether.