Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Mohamed cartoon: A cartoonist's own words

H/T Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Kurt Westergaard, the exploding turban of Mo cartoonist from Jyllands posten has made another drawing trying to explain his feelings concerning terrorism and the attempt on his life.

In Kurt Westergaard's own words: "It is me on the right. My head is about to explode of anger concerning the insult to my person. At the same time I am angry about the actions of terror in New York, Madrid and London. I had a special personal relation to New York. I loved to sit in the wonderful bookstore, Borders, in the World Trade Center. To the left I have added the old drawing of Mohammad, because it started it all. The hare symbolizes my own personal courage, which is not that big. It is the part of me, which maybe prefers to get away, and that cannot control everything."

With the recent capture of a group planning to kill him, his forced hiding, his wife's near expulsion from the kinder garden (she was sent away a few days), where she works - I can understand the worry about courage.

I for one think him very brave - the hare should be a tiger - and I applaud and thank him for his fantastic original drawing.

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