Friday, March 14, 2008

How "Islam" treats it's women

This video shows how muslims defend treating their women like cattle. It's an interesting look into the disgusting mindset of every day islam. It should become painfully clear, if not already, that islam is not equivalent to Christianity on any level.



Anonymous said...

moslems don't treat their women as badly as fucking jews do. show me moslem women whose husbands make them shave their heads off. orthodox jewish law allows a man to force his daughter to marry against her will and makes divorce almost impossible.

but of course, the worst treatment is what catholic priests dish out to young boys. i'd rather be honour-killed than honour-assfucked by some sick prick who thinks his god won't let him marry.

i say catholic priests should get married on good friday. because that's when their god died. a dead god can't stop them.

Canadian Infidel said...

Your completely correct. Muslims don't shave their womens heads, they just beeat them, keep them ignorant or kill them for some supposed honour, much better that way don;t you agree?